Most Comprehensive Grill Rescue Review 2020

All barbeque fans will tell you one same thing. Cleaning your grill is as important as grilling itself. A grill covered in grease, debris, and deposits won’t be able to perform well, you won’t be able to get the delicious meal and your food will be covered with the same things that are on the grate itself! That’s why you need to read the complete Grill rescue review. It is an innovative product that looks promising and offers amazing capabilities. However, it is more complicated than you may believe.

About the brand

Grill rescue is a small brand that is working on their first product. As you can imagine, the name of the product is the name of the brand. They are currently using Kickstarter and other similar websites to fund the project and produce the first batch of products. At the moment, the project has over 5.100 backers at Kickstarter and the company has collected over $210.000 for the project.

They are relying on modern design and futuristic features you will want to use. This isn’t a classical or better said traditional grill brush you will have to use every day and it is much safer than the rest.

Why choose Grill rescue

Grill rescue cannot even be classified as a brush for cleaning grills. It is more than just that. It uses steam to clean the surface which makes it easier to use and the cleaning process is more appealing. Yes, you can use it on the best gas grill under 500 or any equivalent and it won’t damage the surface. This is also the first reason why you should consider it.

The second reason is simplicity. Cleaning the grill used to take a lot of time and effort. Now, it is extremely simple. You will need to heat up the cleaning tool, soak it in water, and clean. The overall duration of cleaning is significantly decreased compared to other methods.

It is extremely safe as well. We all had that situation when the bristles of a brush ended on the grate and on the food afterward. Grill rescue doesn’t have any bristles, completely eliminating this issue.

Then we have the durability. Most of the standard grill brushes will have to be replaced after a few months and some even after a few weeks. Grill rescue is far more durable. It can last for years and even when the time comes for replacement, you need to replace the head only. The handle remains the same. Another, important fact here is that there will be multiple options. You can even get multiple handles and dozen heads, apron, and even a hat from the manufacturer.

Main features of the Grill Rescue

Let’s say that you have a professional grill or the best propane grill under 300 and you want to use Grill rescue on it. You will obviously want to know all about the features and the design of the product. This brings us to the next section, where we will cover precisely that.

Uses steam

Grill rescue uses steam to clean a grill. You will need to heat up the head up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit and you will need to soak it in water. After that, you will start cleaning it basically. The unit can be used on all grills and the cleaning is amazing. It removes grease, grime, deposits and so much more.

Can be washed in a dishwasher

When the time comes to clean the cleaner, you will have to detach the head, put it in a dishwasher and you are done. You get a completely clean grill rescue once again and you can use it immediately. A single head can be washed over 100 times in a dishwasher.

Replaceable heads

As we have mentioned earlier, there will be multiple versions available. Users can choose between how many handles, heads, or additional items they want to get. The available options range between a single unit, up to 5 handles and 10 heads. All share the same design and all of them are designed in the same way. In addition, the premium package offers an apron and 2 hats.


Conventional grill brushes have plastic or metal bristles. They can stay on the grate and can end up in your food. These are dangerous issues that most barbeque fans have experienced some time. Grill rescue doesn’t have any bristles hence it is 100% safe to use. In other words, there is no anything that can stay on the grate and can come in contact with the food. This is precisely the main reason why so many backers on Kickstarter loved this product.

Complete cleaning

Even if you are trying to clean the best camping grill, you will have a great time. Grill rescue is easy to use but it also offers complete cleaning. It reaches a high temperature of the steam that is therefore used to dissolve all the debris on the grate and to clean it properly. Keep in mind that you will need to make a few passes across the grate in order to clean it completely.

Long lifespan

Ordinary brushes have a short lifespan. They have to be replaced on a regular basis and they have to be maintained. Grill rescue doesn’t have this problem. There are multiple heads in the package and even if you get a single head, you can wash it in a dishwasher. In minutes, it will be ready for the next job. A single head can be washed in a dishwasher for over 100 times, and it won’t lose its properties. For ordinary brushes, you are buying the handle and the head, which increases the cost. Grill rescue has replicable heads, so you will buy only them.

Versatile functionality

Grill rescue can be used on all grills. You can use it on the best electric grill indoor, propane, or charcoal grills and the result is always the same. Furthermore, you get the same, simple, and easy to use functionality.

  • Easy to use
  • Extremely safe
  • Cleans all deposits from a grate
  • Can be used on all grills
Not So Good
  • Isn’t available officially
  • Some packages have a high price



  • What is the grill rescue?

Grill rescue is an innovative product designed to clean the grates on a grill. It is extremely safe to use and differs from all other methods you may have used until now.

  • How does it work?

Grill rescue uses steam to clean the surface. It will heat the head up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit and then create steam when mixed with water. It may sound strange or different, but this method is one of the best.

  • Where can I buy it?

The product is currently available on Kickstarter and similar websites. Soon, it is expected to reach general sale and to become available on other websites as well.

  • Are multiple versions available?

Basically, you can get one same model, but in different packages. You can opt for more handles, more heads, or even a massive package where hats and apron are included. The prices vary accordingly.

  • Can it be used on all grills?

Yes, the product can be used on all grills and all types of grates. It is delicate and it won’t damage them. On the other hand, you are looking at the perfect cleaning process every single time.

  • Can it be washed in a dishwasher?

Yes, the heads of the grill rescue can be washed in a dishwasher. A single unit can be washed over 100 times and it will remain 100% functional and operational.

  • Is grill rescue expensive?

No, it isn’t expensive. As a matter of fact, a single unit is very affordable and cheaper than equivalent tools. There are more expensive options which include multiple heads and more handles.

  • Is there any maintenance needed?

No, there is no maintenance needed. You can clean the head in a dishwasher and this is all that it takes. Once it is worn out, you can order a new head and replace only it.

  • Can it clean all debris on the grate?

Yes, it can be used on all grates and it can clean all types of debris, all the grease and all other that may ‘’live’’ on the grate of your grill.

  • Can it be used when the grate is hot?

Yes, it can be used when hot. The product uses steam making it ideal if you want to clean a grill quickly after grilling.


At the end of our Grill rescue review, we are impressed. The tool is modern, futuristic and one of a kind. It uses steam and it is extremely safe to use. There are no traces of the process and there are no hazard issues present. As soon as it hits the markets, this is going to become the ultimate alternative all grillers need to consider.

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