How To Make Clear Ice At Home

Whether you are complimenting it with your summer drinks or using it to garnish your party drinks, ice cubes can be used for varieties of things. However, something better than just any ordinary ice cube is a crystal clear ice cube. Although cloudy ice performs their job perfectly, it is only the second-best to a crystal clear ice cube. To achieve that kind of cube, you will need water from a clean source, kettle/boiling pan, freezer, and ice tray. Better still, you can make use of the market’s best countertop ice maker. You can learn how to go about making clear ice cubes in the following steps.

Prepare Your Water

This is the first step to making clear ice at home. As mentioned earlier, your water should be from a clean source, that is, tap or bottled water. It is advisable to go for bottled water if you want a clearer ice cube since it contains fewer contaminants that could make your ice cubes cloudy.

Boil The Water

This is the second step to making clear ice cubes. You have to fill the kettle with your clean water so it could boil. For standard kettles, this step should be repeated twice, but it can be done once when using gas hobs.

Fill The Tray

The next step after boiling your water is to let the water cool down then begin to fill up the tray. Letting the water cool down is extremely important when aiming for a perfect ice cube, and it is also necessary for safety purposes. When filling up the tray, you should strive not to overfill any segment of the tray to avoid spilling.

Freeze It Up

This can easily be tagged as the easiest step in ice cube making as it only required to exercise patience. Freezing usually takes up to 3-4 hours for ice cube trays; however, you should avoid regular check-ups but allow it to freeze at its own pace. You can also use portable ice makers instead of an ice tray for a faster job. This is a little similar to commercial ice makers. Here, instead of filling up a tray with water, this ice maker freezes the water directly, allowing you to make different batches of ice cubes in record time. This device comprises a compressor to compress the coolant and turn it into a hot, high-pressure gas, a Condenser to dissipate heat, an expansion Water Valve, also known as the inner water valve, that releases pressure on the coolant, and an evaporator. This device is also easy to use as it requires you to fill up the reservoir with clean water and plug it in for the ice-making process.

Ice cubes are not just amazing additions to drinks but life in general as they serve other purposes like tending to injuries and sores. For more informative guides on ice cube making, visit


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