Magic Chef Microwave Reviews 2020

Magic Chef Microwave Reviews: One Product We All Like

When looking for a new microwave, users need modern design, advanced features, and great functionality, among other things. If you are familiar with the topic, you may know that Magic Chef microwave reviews stand out from the crowd. This is one of the most popular and the most appealing brands on the market and one that makes all possible. Let’s discuss more on this topic right now.

About Magic Chef

Magic Chef used to be known as the American Stove Company. They were founded back in the 1850s by John Ringen who emigrated from Germany and came to the United States. He started with a small tin shop in Saint Luis and soon he partnered with George August Kahle (also German immigrant) and launched a store in which they sold stoves, basic washing machines, and additional housewares.

In 1881, the founders alongside Charles and Louis Stockstrom started a company which was making stoves. Soon, the company flourished and they became divided on Ringen Stove Company and Quick Meal Stove Company. These were two, separate yet linked corporations. From 1929 they started using a well-known name Magic Chef which is still used today.

One of the most important changes occurred in 1996 when they started making modern kitchen and house appliances. Today, they are well-known as one of the most advanced, best, and most appealing manufacturer in the United States. The company is owned by CNA International Inc. They claim that all their products are easy to use, reliable and they also provide amazing customer support.

Why you should choose Magic Chef MCD993B

Product that will be reviewed today is Magic Chef MCD993B. Magic Chef microwave reviews for this particular model from owners and according to our testing are more than just possible. It follows the main concepts that the manufacturer claims and it comes with some of the best features in the business.

You should consider it if you want a stylish microwave unit in your kitchen, that is based on the latest technology. The model looks better than similar units from the same category and comes with a powerful feature.

At the same time, we can see the simplicity. There are no complicated processes to use, complicated steps, or anything. It is one of the easiest microwaves you can find right now on the market.

Additionally, you will want to consider it thanks to its usability. This is a versatile model that offers all major features and options you may want to consider and the ones you will need. The main features will be explained below.

Features of Magic Chef MCD993B

Magic Chef MCD993B is a very popular model you can have these days. It is paired with all the features you will need and all of that comes in a modern and stylish package. Anyway, here are the main features you will want to know about.

900 watts power

The heating power of the microwave is 900 Watts. This is plenty of power for most users. It can heat up quickly and it can be used for different meals. Even if you are looking for the best microwave under $100 with the most power, this may be a valuable option. There are some versions available in this price range. Just to add, 900watts isn’t the most powerful option you can have in 2020, but it is average.

Superb controls

Controls on the MCD993B are touch, easy to use and they are big enough so you can clearly see what you are pressing. At the top, you have mode selection. Under them, you have three main buttons, power, defrost, and clock. As you would expect, under them are numbers in keypad formation you can use for programming the time frame. Start and stop buttons are available. Above all of that is LED display used to display time, main options, and more.

Quick-set menu

Here we have one interesting option. Basically, you can press a single button and you can activate a mode used for that particular meal. For instance, you can click on popcorn and the microwave will do all the hard work. Other options include frozen vegetables, fresh vegetables, soups, and more. There are 6 modes in total.

Defrost option

Weight and time defrost feature is obvious. It is used to defrost frozen meals and it is a fully automatic option. Your only mission is to press the defrost button and your hard work is done. The microwave will also help you by revealing how much time is needed.

Push-button door system

Push-button system allows you to press a button and open the door in an elegant and stylish way. There is no obvious advantage of this feature, but it looks cool and may be extremely appealing for homeowners with modern kitchens.

Available in multiple options

As a new owner, you can choose between 3 main color variations. You can either get standard black, popular white, or red. We always like and appreciate the color options. They can help homeowners get a model that matches their décor the best and they make a simple kitchen appliance pop up. Yes, you can also get the best microwave cover and protect your microwave when needed.

Compact dimensions

The dimensions are 14.8 x 18.3 x 11 inches and the overall weight is 24 pounds. Thanks to this, the microwave is suitable for smaller kitchens and for smaller families. Considering the size and power, we would like to add a high level of efficiency available here.

0.9 cubic feet of capacity

Obviously, all microwaves have a different capacity rating. The MCD993B offers 0.9 cubic feet of capacity. It is plenty of space for most users. Thanks to this, we believe that the model can be used for all purposes you can think of.

Child lock

Child lock may sound like something you will use in your car, but it is an important feature for all products that use electricity or any form of power to run. This particular model has the newest child lock system offered. Once activated, the feature will completely disable the microwave and eliminate access. As such, a child won’t be able to activate the microwave and only you can remove the child lock once you want to use it.

Turntable is present

There is no need to explain this feature to the tiniest detail. It is a simple and basic feature. The turntable is implemented in the interior. It will turn once the microwave is on and it will make sure that the foods are cooked from all angles. The difference is massive and the turntable is something we appreciate.

  • Very easy to use
  • 900 Watts of power is plenty
  • Available in 3 main colors
  • Weight and time defrost option
  • 6 quick-set modes are available
Not So Good
  • Black version is more expensive than others
  • Noise level is above average (slightly)


  • How powerful Magic Chef MCD993B is?

Magic Chef MCD993B has a total power of 900 Watts which is more than needed for most users. It is one of the reasonably powerful microwaves on the market that comes with excellent, additional features.

  • Does it have modes?

Yes, this particular model has 6 modes which can be triggered at any given moment. All you have to do is to press a button for selecting a mode and you are done. Modes include popcorn, frozen vegetable, fresh vegetable, and more.

  • Is it available in different colors?

Yes, the model is available in black, white, and red. White and black are the most common options while red may be a bit more complicated to find. All variations have the same specifications.

  • Is it complicated to use?

Magic Chef MCD993B is known as one of the easiest microwaves to use these days. This is actually mandatory due to the fact magic Chef has a policy in which all their products must be easy to use.

  • Is it complicated to clean?

Cleaning is simple as well. Make sure to read the user manual before cleaning it for the first time and there won’t be any complications. In a nutshell, the cleaning process is fast, straightforward, and easy.

  • Can it defrost?

Yes, the microwave can be used to defrost meals. You have multiple options to use.

  • Does this model have a display?

Yes, there is an LED display located at the top. It is small, easy to use and it will display all major and available options and features.

  • What are the dimensions of the Magic Chef MCD993B?

Dimensions of the unit are 14.8 x 18.3 x 11 inches and the weight is 24 pounds. It is designed to fit small kitchens and won’t occupy a lot of space.


Magic Chef microwave reviews are almost all positive and ours just prove the same thing. We liked the simplicity of the model, paired with amazing features almost all homeowners will need to use at some point. Add great color options and the ability to clean it easily and you will get one of the best models out there. We would like to highly recommend the Magic Chef MCD993B unit.

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