Oster Microwave Reviews 2020

If you could have only one kitchen appliance, what that would be? Many of us would say microwave thanks to overall functionality, great features, and practicality. In the recent period of time, Oster microwave reviews have intrigued our attention, so we had to test one of their models. Below, you can find all the facts and essentials you are going to need. Without further ado, let’s begin.

About Oster brand

Oster brand has been one of the most appealing, newer, and one of the most popular brands in the realm of consumer electronics for quite some time. It all began back in 1924 with John Oster, the founder of the company that carries his name even today.

Back then, John Oster invested all-new hair clippers that were designed to allow hairstylists to create amazing results to their female clients. 4 years later in 1928, John Oster invested a motorized version which became a massive hit in the country. Soon after this release, the John Oster Manufacturing Company was officially founded and they became the best choice for professionals who wanted to create amazing styles in the grooming business.

The next main change occurred in 1946 when John Oster acquired Stevens Electric and started making kitchen and house appliances. Stevens electric was a company that actually invented the first liquefier blender back in 1923. After that, they started improving their blender and making more and more house appliances.

In 1960 the company was acquired by Sunbeam Corporation. They have expanded their manufacturing processes after that. Today, Oster is a well-known name when it comes to kitchen appliances. They produce blenders, coffee grinders, lunch warmer, microwaves, and more.

Why choose OSTER Microwave Oven, 1.1 CUBE

As you may believe, Oster microwave reviews are popular, highly positive and they do come with amazing specifics. Now is the time for us to provide a review. The model we choose is standard OSTER Microwave Oven, 1.1 CUBE. It is one of the easiest models you can find these days and one of the most sophisticated.

The unit we tested has plenty of power and was able to meet the high requirements we had for our tests. You will also consider this particular unit, if you need easy to clean model with excellent value for money. Combine it with the best microwave egg poacher and you will have a complete set of appliances you will ever need.

An additional reason why you may want to consider this model is quality. It is made from stainless steel, it is extremely durable and it is a one-time investment you are going to make. As the manufacturer claims, it is an essential kitchen appliance and something we had fun testing and reviewing.

Main features of this product

OSTER Microwave Oven may look like a simple and ordinary model, but it is an amazing combination of advanced features, great craftsmanship, and more. To understand more and to get a better idea about the product, here are the main features you will need to know about before making the choice.

1000 Watts power

The microwave has a heating element with a power of 1000 Watts. This is slightly above average and it will help you by speeding up the cooking process. Now you can prepare your favorite meal in less time. The system itself is standard for Oster microwaves and it is one of the most durable models available on the market. It can be used for years and there is no need to replace it, repair it, or anything similar.

6 main options

There are 6 cooking options. What this means is that you will select the desired option and the microwave will optimize the temperature, cooking time, and all other variables you need to worry about. For you, this is as easy as pressing a button. These modes or cooking options if you prefer can be used for preparing popcorn, vegetables, meat and more. All of them are represented by buttons on the control panel. You press a button and the machine will do all the hard work instead of you.

10 power levels

Power levels are popular and common these days in the realm of microwaves. You can find them in Magic Chef microwave reviews, various other products, and also in older models. What this does is optimizes the power usage according to the needs at that very moment, or for a specific mode. As a result, the microwave uses less energy. On the other hand, you can still get the same meal in the same time frame. This unit has 10 power levels allowing it to always apply the most efficient one. When needed, it will boost the power of the system and provide a perfect meal every time.

Child lock

Child lock is present and it can be programmed to suit your needs. The idea is to make it impossible for children to gain access to the microwave and injure themselves or damage the appliance. Adjusting the child lock isn’t a very simple task, but it is manageable and it is much easier if you read the user manual.

Great Construction

OSTER Microwave Oven is stunning in terms of build quality. The main elements are made from stainless steel. Additional elements are made from aluminum. This combination makes the unit capable of withstanding all types of usages, pressure but also looks great and modern.

Perfect dimensions

The precise dimensions of the microwave we have here are 15.80 x 19.80 x 11.90 inches. The weight is 34.40 pounds. As you can see, it is a medium-sized model. The dimensions provide 1.1 cubic feet of space inside. It isn’t the biggest model on the market, but it is one that is most desirable in this range. It will fit nicely to any countertop or kitchen in general and it will provide you with plenty of capacity for meals you need.

LED display

Best microwave convection ovens must have displays. It makes usage much easier and it allows you to monitor the cooking process when you have a need to. Luckily, this microwave has a display as well. It is LED using yellow color and it has average, traditional dimensions. But, it displays all the valuable information and does a good job.

Chrome handle

One of the smallest yet very important segments in Oster microwave reviews is the fact regarding the handle. It is strong, can withstand a lot of pressure and it is fully chromed. That being said, it contributes to the overall design of the microwave oven, makes it look more expensive than it actually is and matches the stainless steel finish.

  • Made from stainless steel and aluminum
  • Powerful model
  • Programmable child lock system
  • 10 power levels
  • 6 cooking modes
Not So Good
  • Obsolete design
  • Poor customer support



  • How much power does this unit have?

This model has 1000 watts of power. The best microwave under $100 will probably have less power. However, this particular model isn’t far more expensive.

  • Does it have a display?

Yes, there is an LED display present above the control panel. It displays important information such as time, the time needed to cook a meal, settings and etc. It is easy to use and has standard dimensions.

  • Which material is used in construction?

The microwave is made from a mixture of stainless steel and aluminum. Thanks to this, it is lightweight, strong, and durable. It is going to last for a long period of time.

  • Is the child lock system available?

Yes, the child lock system is available and it is completely programmable. We didn’t have any complications using it for the first time, although we had to use the user manual. We recommend you do the same.

  • Are variable power levels present?

Yes, there are variable power levels. As a matter of fact, there are 10 of them. The variable power levels allow for the microwave to use the smallest amount of energy to complete its task. With 10 levels, you are looking at one of the most energy efficient microwaves out there.

  • How much capacity is available?

The unit has 1.1 cubic feet of capacity. This is slightly above average and considered medium size. It is sufficient for families and single users.

  • Is this a microwave oven?

Yes, it is a microwave oven. You may want to learn a few things when it comes to microwave vs microwave oven similarities and differences.

  • Is the handle strong?

Yes, the handle is very strong. We must add that it is also chromed and looks nice.


OSTER Microwave Oven is one model we all liked. There are countless Oster microwave reviews you can find and all of them will say the same thing. This is a professional model, it comes with all the features you will need and it is built to last. The bottom line is our honest recommendation if you want a microwave oven that is a great investment as well.

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